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Standard mandatory notice and consent provisions for all North Dakota University System Information System User Agreements

By agreeing to this document, you acknowledge and consent that when you access the North Dakota University System information systems:

  • You agree to access the following categories of records to be provided electronically may include:
    • Registration Documents: including but not limited to view class schedule, searching for classes, adding/dropping classes, view grades, view degree progress report, FERPA Release Requests, graduation applications, ordering official transcripts, change address, change phone number, update emergency contacts, release of information to third parties, and student enrollment verification request forms.
    • Admission Documents: including but not limited to applications for admission, admissions offer acceptance.
    • Financial Aid Documents: including but not limited to view financial aid award notification and award summary, accepting/declining financial aid awards, determine what additional documents you may need to submit to apply for aid, sign loan promissory notes and entrance loan counseling, sign short term loan application and promissory note, view student loan summary, calculate and estimate of your university bill, submit student employment applications.
    • Student Accounts Documents: including but not limited to setting up student account payment plans, viewing student account balances, view and pay tuition bill, authorization to use federal Title IV financial aid funds for non-allowable charges, select refund preference, view and print current and past 1098-T forms, add an authorized user pay to your account.
    • Housing Documents: including but not limited to request or submit a housing application.
    • Miscellaneous Documents: including but not limited to receipt of consumer information about the University, any disclosure, consent, waiver, release, notice or payment reminder that would normally be delivered in writing that may be required by law or regulation.
It is your right to receive paper records and withdraw consent to receive electronic records at a later date. To withdraw consent, contact the Registrar’s Office, you will need to come to campus during normal business hours to conduct college business in-person. You may also experience delays due to processing paperwork.